Our company’s founders are Ozsavran family, which originates from Kayseri, Turkey.  Mustafa Özsavran who fought in WW1, moved to Mersin in 1930.  He traded goods between his old city and the new one.  He bought his first citrus orchard of 50 dekars in 1960 with his 2 sons Mehmet and Necati Özsavran.  The family grew and founded new businesses in trade, tourism, construction, as well a bought and grew more citrus orchards.  Savran Organics was founded in 1995.  Its operations areas include farming, tourism, technology, energy and construction.  This company entered farming in 2003 with the purchase of our Huzurkent Orchards, 188 m.dekars.  After developing and investing in the orchards for 6 years, we started the certified Organic conversion in 2009.  With our areas approaching 300 dekars, we are currently the largest and the leading organic producer in Mersin province, as well as currently the largest organic citrus producer in Turkey.  We serve prestigious Turkish market chains, as well as international importers.

Pictures from Old Mersin