188 metric dekares, 100% fully owned and paid.

Fruit Varieties:

Mandarins: Dobeshi Beni, Okitsu Wase, Rize Satsumas,  1.700 Trees, Age: 3 Years.

Lemons: Interdonato, 1.230 Trees, Age: 35 Years.

Meyer, 300 Trees, Age: 1 Year.

Oranges: Parent Washington, 900 Trees, Age: 35 Years,

Caracara, 350 Trees, Age: 1 Year,

Navelina: 150 Trees, Age: 3 Years

Grapefruits: Marsh Seedless White: 450 Trees, Age: 35 Years,

Rio Red: 200 Trees, Average Age: 2 Years.

Pomelos: Red & White, 100 Trees, Age: 1 Year.

Olives: Gemlik, Ayvalık, Kalamata, Sarı Ulak: 1.100 Trees, Age: 4 Years.


Direct access to irrigation canal system.

Full Filtration and Drip irrigation systems in place.


160KW, 3-Phase Power,  Two 3-Phase pumps,


1.500 metric tonnes backup irrigation water reservoir,

4 Buildings, Two Site resident, Full-Time caretakers,

On-site Organic certified packing facility.


Two Tractors and full assortment of rear attachments, Two Sprayer tanks.

Material Grinders, Organic Fertilizer Processors.


Direct access to asphalt road, 20km East of Mersin.

2 mins to D400 state road, and 10 mins to E95 highway,

40 mins to Mersin International Sea port.